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Wiz Oz Activity: Character Models

Wiz OZ Activity Character Models Dear Wiz OZ Listeners, This is a Wiz Oz making activity that involves you making the  main characters in the story of The Wizard of Oz.  You can also use the models for the future Wizard of Oz Activities on that are based on the chapters. You can can […]

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Storynory Audio Workshop: A Little Red Riding Hood

Natasha from Storynory held another Audio Dramatic Workshop on the 16th of February at The Cockpit Theatre, Marlyebone for children in the local area. She taught drama and storytelling skills based on ‘A Little Red Riding Hood’ to the children. Children rehearsed the scripts to practice reading their characters parts out loud, before recording their […]

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Audio Workshop: A Little Red Riding Hood Group 2

Little Red Riding Hood in the Woods

Listen to the audio of the children from group 2 performing the Little Red Riding Hood play, as they rehearsed it in the Theatre studio. Thanks again to the children for a great performance!

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