Wiz Oz Activity: Character Models

Wiz OZ Activity Character Models

Dear Wiz OZ Listeners,

This is a Wiz Oz making activity that involves you making the  main characters in the story of The Wizard of Oz.  You can also use the models for the future Wizard of Oz Activities on Storynory.com that are based on the chapters. You can can make the characters out some simple materials you find around the home or from a garden or stationary shop.

The Scarecrow out of some old string or straw fastened together, using some felt for his jacket and hat

The Tin Woodman out of cardboard as a base for his body and wrapped in foil. Make the same for the shape of his his axe and his oil can.

The Lion out of a knitted ball,  with felt for a main and glue on beads for eyes.

Dorothy from a wooden peg and attach some blue & white chequered material for her dress, silver foil for her shoes

Her little Dog Totto out of an old sweet wrapper with the ends twisted to make his tail

I hope you have fun

Bye Bye