Wiz Oz Activity Yellow Brick Road & Journey Map

In this Wizard of Oz activity, you can make a Yellow Brick Road Journey Map. Dorothy must follow the road of Yellow Brick, if she is to meet to the Great Oz in the Emerald city. Your map can help her find the way.

Points Along Yellow Brick Road

Here are some reminders to help you make your illustrated map.

The road takes Dorothy along a changing landscape from cornfields to forests. As the Witch of the North warns her, "The road is sometimes pleasant and sometimes dark and terrible."

The Yellow Brick Road is often hard to find. The scarecrow helps Dorothy to find it and takes her from the land of the Munchkins.

From the farmers fields, they come to the woods covered in thick branches and trees. The leaves and dried branches cover the bricks of the yellow brick road.

The path leads them to the forest, where they find the Tin Woodman in his cottage.

They next meet the Cowardly Lion, who is hiding in the forest: Afraid of his own shadow, he bounds along to the path in front of them.

At the beginning of Chapter Seven, the characters must camp out under the stars in the forest.

The journey along the Yellow Brick Road becomes more challenging and scary, as the dark frost become thick and gloomy and they encounter the fierce Kalidahs.

They come across a wide the ditch that they must jump across on the back of the Lion.

As the woods become thinner they see the broad river with the Yellow Brick Road on the other side. The Tin Wood Man, again using his strengths builds a raft, they then board and which sweeps the scarecrows away and he gets stuck on a pole.

Draw your Own Yellow Brick Road Map

How does this journey look like to you ?

Use our pointers to help you: Draw the yellow brick road from the beginning to the end and mark the changing landscape and the characters that Dorothy meets along the way. Include the stopping points, and the elements of nature that steer them off course and away from the yellow brick road. listen and read back over the chapters to help you.