Halloween Ghosts at Hampton Court Palace

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Jana and Sheila with Henry VIII in Haunted Gallery at Hampton Court

Warning - Spooky Stories !!

Jana visits the wonderful Hampton Court Palace by the River Thames to get into the mood for Halloween. Hampton Court Palace belonged to England’s King Henry VIII in the 16th century - and as you may know he had six wives, two of whom, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, were executed up the river at the Tower of London. This is a really beautiful palace, packed with history and ghosts.

Jana toured the palace with Sheila, a State Apartment Warder at Hampton Court, who conducts ghost tours around the palace. Sheila tells us some amazing stories that mingle history with spookiness including:

The Haunted Gallery - and the tragic last days of Henry the VIII's fifth wife, the young Catherine Howard. (It is a fascinating but quite a heart rending story - so be WARNED).

The very spooky story of The Grey Lady, Sybil Penn, who was the nursemaid of Prince Edward (the son of Henry's third wife, Jane Seymour) who later became King Edward VI while still young. Sybil's ghost involves a mysterious spinning wheel.

The Door to Henry VIII's private prayer room in chapel at Hampton Court (Haunted Gallery)The story of the skeletons of two builders who died while building the Fountain Court of Hampton Court in the time of King William and Queen Mary.

These are VERY SPOOKY stories and they are Packed with History.

And if you want more spookiness, Sheila recommends you check out the video of the skeletor of Hampton Court that was filmed in 2003 by a security camera.