Water? No it’s Wine! A Miracle

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Jesus turns water into wineThis is the story of the most fun-loving miracle of all time – turning water into wine. Jesus proves himself to be the perfect guest when the wine runs out at a wedding in Cana, and produces his first miracle.

It is read in the rich tones of John Le Mesurier and comes, once again, courtesy of our friends at Once Upon a World

Introduced by Natasha. Duration 3.30 Minutes. 

Proofread by Claire Deakin & Jana Elizabeth.

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Cultural Background and Cross References

John 2.1 King James Version

Water? No it’s Wine! A Miracle -

When Jesus really started teaching people about God and Heaven, he chose some men to travel with him. They were called the disciples. You probably won’t remember all their names, but here are some of them - Simon, and Andrew his brother, and James and John – who were also brothers. As they all journeyed together, Jesus did lots of wonderful things called miracles – things that no one else could ever do. We know how he did them, don’t we? God helped him.

Jesus and the disciples had been invited to a wedding in Cana of Galilee.

Everybody was having a great time; eating, drinking and dancing about. Suddenly someone said: “There’s no more wine.”

Everyone stopped dancing and groaned. Mary, the mother of Jesus was there, and turned to her son and said: “Can’t you do something?” Jesus thought for a moment.
“Bring those water pots over here,” he said, “make sure they’re nice and full.”

The servants did just as he said, they filled up the pots with water, and stood them in front of Jesus.

“Now,” said Jesus. “Take a cup of the water, and let the master taste it.”

The man took a sip. “It’s wine!” he cried. “It’s lovely wine! It’s much nicer than the wine we had at the beginning of the wedding!”

The disciples turned to Jesus and smiled. “Changing water into wine – that’s a real miracle,” they said.

Jesus looked at them, and gave a little smile up to the sky.