The Ten Commandments

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Moses and the ten commandments At the top of the mountain, God told Moses ten things to remember. They were the ten things that make a good or bad person. They were called ‘The Ten Commandments.’ This bible story is read, once again, in the beautiful tones of the late John Le Mesurier.

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Introduced by Natasha. Read by John Le Mesurier. Duration 4.10
Proofread by Claire Deakin & Jana Elizabeth.

The Ten Commandments -

Moses walked through the mighty storm, up the mountain towards God.
The children of Israel watched the lone figure staggering into the blackness, as the thunder and lightning raged.

God said: “I am your God, come to me.”
Moses got to the top, and God told him ten things to remember. They were the ten things that make a good or bad person. They were called ‘The Ten Commandments.’

“The first thing to remember
When you are being good,
Is have no other Gods but me
I don’t see why you should.
The second thing is simple.
Whatever else you do,
Don’t worship models made of clay
Don’t make an idol in that way,
I’d get annoyed with you.

In the third commandment
You mustn’t ever say
God, Lord or Heaven in a joke,
For that would spoil my day.
The fourth thing you must never do –
Upset my Sunday rest.
I’ve given you the other days
To do your work in many ways
On Sunday you can have a laze
And wear your Sunday best.

Number five’s a good one,
Remember what I say,
Don’t ever upset Mum and Dad
In any little way.

The sixth commandment sure makes sense,
I know that when I say
No killing is allowed, but then
You wouldn’t would you? Even when
You get annoyed with other men
And don’t get your own way.

If you are getting married
The seventh rule is this,
Don’t try and love another
Or give the girls a kiss.
At number eight there’s something
I’m sure you’d never do,
Don’t steal a thing, at any time
From anyone, for any rhyme
Or reason – as it is a crime,
And they would capture you.

The ninth one to remember
If you do as you’re bid,
Don’t blame a man for stealing
Unless you’re sure he did.
With all the people in the world
Your neighbour is a friend.
So don’t be jealous even when
You want his goat or horse or hen,
For that’s commandment number ten,
It’s at the very end.”

Moses listened open mouthed as God told him all about the commandments. “Can you say it again? I didn’t have time to write them down.”

God said nothing, but waved his mighty hand over Mount Sinai. Lightning flashed, and smoke covered Moses. When it cleared, he saw all the commandments beautifully written on two pieces of stone.

Moses thanked God for his help, and began to stagger down the mountain with his commandments.

On the way down he had a good think about things.