Magical Person Writing Competition

How would you like us to read out YOUR story on storynory?

We know you've got writing talent. The entries to our Year of the Goat competition were full of fun and adventure, and the listeners loved them.

All your stories are so good that it's really hard for us to judge them. So to increase your chances, make sure that your story follows the rules and is on the right topic - about a magical person. See below for more details.

We will read out the 3 stories that Bertie picks as the winners.

  • This competition is open to supporters of Storynory. That means that your family or school has made a donation.
  • Leave your story in the comment box but please email [email protected] too so that we can match up the donation to the story entry.
  • Let us know the author's age in the email. Tell us a little bit about the author - but only things that you would be happy for us to publish if we pick the story as a winner.
  • Send your story in by April 5th,2015
  • If you like you can attach an illustration for your story that you have drawn or painted to your email.
  • Write a story about a magical person or magical people. The subject of the story can be fairies, elves, witches, leprechauns - any magical type of person you can imagine. Maybe they exist alongside us in modern life. Or maybe they lived in the past or in a special world. What sort of personalities do these special people have? What sort of problems do they face? How do they help or hinder ordinary people?