Story Competition January 2015

We are starting a story writing competition for supporters, including those who have signed up with us via Joyride.

It's early days, and we plan to make this more sophisticated, but in the meantime we are asking you to write or copy and paste your story into the comments on this page.

First theme - Year of the Goat

2015 will be the year of the goat or sheep. According to Chinese tradition people who are born in the year of the goat are mild, shy, and perhaps a bit pessimistic. They are also artistic.

Can you write a story about a person (or an animal) who is a bit shy? Or just mild mannered. Maybe this character overcomes their shyness? Or maybe this person discovers that their mild nature is a strength? Perhaps they get bullied and somehow get their own back on a bully?

Or if that does not take your fancy, you can also write about New Year or about a goat or a sheep. Perhaps your character would be a clever goat.

We will try and make this more sophisticated in future, but for now, please use the comments below to submit your story.

Anyone can send us a story, but in order to qualify for the competition, you have to be a supporter of Storynory. Anyone who has donated to Storynory qualifies for the first competition.