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Katie and the Cat Swap: Part 1

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Katie and the Cat Swap

Perhaps you have heard our Story, Katie and the Witch’s Swap, in which Katie swapped identities with her friend Isis for one day. This is another swap story, only with a BIG difference – this time Katie swaps with her cat, Solomon. Katie soon realises that she has done a very foolish and dangerous spell – one that might be impossible to reverse.

Part Two is here.

A big thank you to Julie who sparked the idea.

Read by Natasha.
Written by Bertie.

Katie and the Cat Swap – Part One

Hello, this is Natasha, and I’m here with a story about Katie the Witch. You may have heard an older story we have on Storynory called Katie and the Witch’s Swap, in which Katie swapped identities with her best friend Isis. Well this is a different kind of swap story – one which proved far more dangerous for Katie. There’s a lot to tell, and it’s in two parts.

One morning, Katie sat in front of her dressing table, and fought with her hair. It was a painful battle, as her lochs always grew into thick tangly knots, and made her look far too witchy for her liking.

Her cat, Solomon, stretched himself on the bed, yawned, and said: “I don’t know why you bother struggling with that comb. You always look like you have been dragged through a bush backwards, whatever you do.”

“Thank you,Solomon,” said Katie “You say the sweetest things.”

“Well I don’t say much, but at least I give you the truth.”

“As it happens, you’re not supposed to say anything at all,” replied Katie.
It was so infuriating that she had to put up with all those catty comments. Once she had put a talking spell on Solomon, but he caused so much trouble that she had to reverse it. The Silence Spell had worked for a while, but it had worn off. You see, even though it’s a simple matter for witches to put toothpaste back into a tube, unfortunately, they often find it quite hard to undo their own magic.

“And if I were you,” added Solomon, in between licking his paw, “I wouldn’t go telling Isis that you are seeing Paul on Friday. She’s jealous you know. But I am sure you will spill the full story, because you’re a blabbermouth, and you can never keep a secret.”

Katie was indignant. She put her hands on her hips and said.

“You’re pretty smart, Solomon – for a cat – is there anything you don’t know?”
“I don’t claim to be omniscient.”

“It’s all very well for you to criticise. If you were me, you would find that life in my world isn’t quite simple as being a pet.”

“On the contrary,” replied Solomon. “It is the greatest good fortune to be incarnated as a human. And even better to have magical powers. If I truly was in your shoes, just for one day, I would sort out all your problems.”

“Problems? I don’t have problems.”

“Then why aren’t you more popular, Katie?” said Solomon. And he sprang off the bed and went to scratch and meow at mum’s door, so that she would wake up and give him his breakfast.

“Ouch! Why are cats so spiteful?” Katie thought later, as she left for school, feeling annoyed with her witchy hair.

The day turned out to be a disaster. Paul texted to postpone their outing on Friday. She wondered if he had found someone else to see. She even considered if it might be Isis. And then she realised that she had left home in such a flustered state, that she had forgotten to bring her French homework. As it turned out, the teacher let her off with a warning, but she was so downcast, that she did not even feel happy to have escaped detention. At lunchtime, Isis asked:

“Is there anything wrong Katie?” And Katie snapped: “And just what are you saying is wrong with me?”

“I was only asking,” said her best friend, and strutted off. Katie spent the whole lunch break walking around the edge of the hockey field on her own.

That evening, she went up to her bedroom, lay face down on her bed and buried her face in her pillow. She heard a catty voice ask:

“Another triumph today at school?”

“Alright”, said Katie, sitting up suddenly, “Have it your way. Try being me for a day.”
“Gladly” replied her pet.

“In the morning, we’ll swap right? See how you like being me.” “It will be simply wonderful.”

“And I’ll stay at home and lie in front of the radiator all day.” “But please, don’t molt your hairs on my mat,” said Solomon.

“And in the evening, we’ll change back and exchange notes about how much we liked being each other…. you have to be honest right? Only the truth.”

“Fine,” said Solomon, “Only let’s change back after supper. I want to see how much you like eating cat food.”

The next morning, Katie spent a very long time in the bathroom, manicuring her nails, painting them pink, plucking her eyebrows, smoothing down her hair, and using, moisturiser, defoliator, and other beauty treatments. Her mum was knocking on the door saying:

“Katie, it’s time to go to school!”

Only, little did she know, it wasn’t Katie, of course, it was Solomon, inside Katie’s body.

Katie, on the other hand, was in the kitchen, munching on biscuits that tasted of dried fish.

Solomon sat silently in the car as mum drove to school. Mum thought: “Something’s up. I think she must be in love.”

At school, before class, Solomon tided up Katie’s desk, and put all her notebooks in alphabetical order.

Meanwhile, Isis was staring at the girl whom she thought was her slightly geeky but lovable best friend.

“Suddenly, she’s quite different,” she thought,” calm and together… well groomed… What’s happened to Katie?”

After Geography, Isis said to Solomon: “Hey Katie, love your pink nails. Can I take a closer look?”

Painted nails were actually against the school rules, but so far Miss Vile had not noticed. While Solomon was showing Katie’s hand to Isis, Samantha asked: “Who are you seeing after school Katie?” And Solomon replied,

“None of your business, mouse-face.”

Samantha was taken-aback. “Who are you calling mouse-face?” she asked.
“You!” said Solomon. And He scratched her on the nose. Samantha screeched and Solomon spat out : “That’s to teach you to keep your whiskers out of my affairs, see.”

Everyone was shocked, and not the least bit surprised when Miss Vile came into the room and said: “Katie, why are your nails painted pink? You must report for same- day detention this evening.”

Solomon shrugged Katie’s shoulders, in a whatever kind of way, and Miss Vile nearly gave Katie another detention, but wasn’t quite sure what to write down on the report, and so held back. “That girl gets stranger and stranger,” she thought to herself.

Normally, the lesson that Katie hated most was PE. Today, Solomon made Katie’s body arch and stretch and curl like a cat’s. Everyone was amazed to see her spring
over a vaulting horse and do a somersault on the other side. That won kudos.
The school cook, with her usual imagination and flare, produced fish fingers for lunch, which suited Solomon just fine. Isis sat across the table and said: “Will you come over early on Saturday and help me decorate the cupcakes?” You see, Isis was holding one of her famous parties, and Katie always loved to help her get ready for the guests.

Solomon stared through Katie’s eyes at Isis for a long while, like she had said something really weird, before asking:

“What’s in it for me?”

“What’s in it for you? I mean you’re my friend, aren’t you?”

“I can’t put friendship in my stomach,” said Solomon, before getting up to fetch another plate of fish fingers.

That evening, when the quarter-to-four bell rang, the kids evacuated the school as swiftly as if there was a fire. Miss Vile was standing on the door. She exclaimed:
“Katie, where are you off to? Don’t you remember you have to report for detention?”
And Solomon replied, in a somewhat insolent tone,”If you say so, Miss Vile.” Miss Vile thought that Katie was acting so strangely that she escorted her in person up to the library and handed the her over to Mr Philpox who was in charge of the miscreants that day. She whispered to him,

“Keep a close eye on this one. She’s behaving very oddly.”

But Mr. Philpox had no inkling just how oddly Katie was actually behaving. His eyes were fixed on a pile of papers that he was marking. Katie was sitting at the back of the room, behind everybody else. The teacher did not see her get up from her desk, climb out of the window, and leap onto the branch of the tree. She accomplished it so silently that nobody else noticed either. When, at half past four, he eventually looked up from his marking and said – “Alright you lot, you’re released now” – he felt that he had forgotten something, or perhaps the room was different, but he could not quite say what it was. The kids were out the door in a trice, and he never did realise that one of them had slipped away earlier.

The real Katie had enjoyed a lovely day in the body of a cat. She had tried to climb a tree, but found it wasn’t quite so easy as it looked, and decided to lie instead in the long grass. A robin hopped past, and when he suddenly noticed the velvety ears of a cat behind the bush, he started to flap and to panic.

“Don’t be afraid,” said Katie. It was so strange to hear her voice sounding just like Solomon’s. The Robin did not hang around to chat. He fluttered away. She did not not want to frighten anymore innocent garden birds, and so went inside and curled up inside the airing cupboard.

That evening, when mum opened the Kitty-Chunks, Katie wined piteously and rubbed Solomon’s cat-body up against mum’s legs.

“Aren’t you feeling well?” asked mum. And Katie looked up at her with green eyes.
“Would you like some yoghurt?”

Katie purred.

“And cottage cheese?”

Katie purred even louder. And so dinner was not one bit disgusting after all.
After lapping it up with a rough tongue, Katie padded up to her room, where Solomon was stretched out on her bed listening to violin music by Paganini.
“How was your day?” asked Katie – still feeling disconcerted by Solomon’s voice coming out of her mouth.

“Oh purrrrrr-fect”" replied the cat, in Katie’s voice, only sounding a little bit feline. “I particularly appreciated eating your rice pudding for supper this evening.”
“And school?” asked Katie, sounding like Solomon, and wondering how much Solomon had enjoyed lessons.

“Oh, I sorted out some of your problems… I dare say that little rat Samantha won’t bother you again, and your so called best friend Isis won’t take advantage of your good nature in future.”

“Does she take advantage of me?” asked Katie bewildered.

“Not any more,” replied Solomon.

Katie felt distinctly worried. What had Solomon done to Isis?

“Okay,” she said firmly, “It’s time to swap back.”

“Tomorrow,” said Solomon.

“But we agreed today after dinner.”

“Did we?” said Solomon. “Since I became you, I have been so terribly forgetful.”
“Listen Cat,” said Katie jumping up onto her own body, which was very strange, and looking into her own face:

“You aren’t going to double cross me are you?”

“Double Cross?” said Solomon.”I’m doing you a favour. I’m making a great job of being you. Far better than you ever did.”

“But you can’t do this!” exclaimed Katie – her voice coming out as a pained meow.
“Try me,” said Solomon.

This was a right fix. There was nothing Katie could achieve without help. She needed Solomon to say the reverse spell in her own voice. She could go and see her mother – but then she would have to admit that she had done a very silly and dangerous spell – and perhaps – this was the worst part – even her mother might not be able to undo it. It’s a security thing, you see. These days, most witches’ spells have built-in voice recognition, so that only the witch who made a charm can reverse it.

“What now?” thought Katie. “Am I to be stuck as a cat forever?”

She was clutching to a straw of hope. Perhaps Solomon might keep his word the following evening? Perhaps,, but then probably not, thought Katie despondently.
Well it was worth waiting another day, all the same, before admitting what she had done to her mum. In the meantime, She had to know what trouble Solomon was causing in her name at school. What did Solomon mean when he said that Isis and Samantha would not bother her again? What had he done to them. She had to know.

And that was the first part of Katie and the Cat Swap. If you as keen as I am to know what happened next, drop by soon at and listen to the second part. For now, from me, Natasha,
Bye Bye !

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113 Responses to “Katie and the Cat Swap: Part 1”

  • Bertie says:

    Hi Abby, Yes I will take a look thank you !

  • Abby says:

    Hi Natasha I love this story cause Katie does what Bertie did (metamorphosis I think) I <3 cats but I don't like the way they scratch & bite

    I know u can't put the wizard the princess the dragon and the burp beer (TWTPTDATBB) in storynory but please go on smashwords (just look up and look for it and tell me what you think of it I made it when I was 5 yrs old so yeah and can u do a story were Katie does a spell that makes solamin the size of Godzilla and she has to save the day and she gets an award by the president and it was all a dream please

    Thx SN (Storynory) you ROCK
    (ps I've been with you guys for 6 yrs now) plz reply & kind regards-Abby

  • Lily says:

    ILI I loved it I love storie nory.

    From lily farmer. To Natasha and biertie

  • Bertie's #1 fan says:

    Nice, cool, awesome, good, amazing, excellent, great, fabulous, spectacular, best story

  • Nisha says:

    Dear bertie I was just joking. I can never stop commenting.

  • Bertie says:

    Dear Tini Wini my hand writing us rather messy.

  • Bertie says:

    Nisha I have to approve comments to make sure there are no bad words etc

  • Nisha says:

    Okay I’m not going to comment any more.

  • Nisha says:

    Bertie why does it always show ‘your comment is awating moderation’? sorry if spelling is rong.

  • Tini wini says:

    Bertie how is your handwriting? Neat or dirty? If it is neat how does it look?
    You don’t have to reply if you don’t want to because I know that you’re very busy.

  • Nisha says:

    Hi ya!

  • Nisha says:

    I found it! I found it! I found the idea by Eliza for Katie’s magic personality!

  • Anakin says:

    Like this story and may the force be with you

  • Jackson says:


  • Jackson says:

    I love the Katie’s story’s :)

  • Lillee says:

    It rocks.

  • Bertie says:

    Do you like the story?

  • et634 says:

    I want to be a cat

  • Sunehra says:

    Hey, Bertie! How about you write a story about Katie turning everything opposite by accident.See, she gets tired of being the outcast and wishes on a star that everything would be the opposite. Little did she know…her wish would come true. For example, Katie will be popular and Isis, Samantha, and Jazz won’t be. And Katie will only have a father, not a mother, a dog, not a cat. Now she has to convince Isis that they used to be friends. Isis believes her. Friendship is greater than any magic spell! Isis helps her turn everything back by using this remote of life and reversing time until the time Katie wished upon the star, and then Katie won’t wish the same mistake.

  • Kitty pie says:


    LOL can you do a story were Kate has to find solamon in a kitty cat land

    lol from kitty pie

  • Wombat joe says:

    Hello can u do a story were Katie meets a wombat and the wombat gets really big and Kate has to destroy the wombat but she doesn’t want to kill it so she makes a polishes that makes it shrink but the wombat wants to take over the word but Kate won’t let the wombat

    Just saying i love WOMBATS

  • Ellis says:

    I mean three.

  • Lyla says:

    Hi Natasha,
    you should make more Katie stories like one about Katie and Solomon find a old book that is Katie’s mom’s book about flying on brooms. I hope that you make more Katie stories like this! Best wishes!


  • Lyla says:

    Hi Natasha this is great! Did you make this story up? Even if you didn’t I love the way you tell stories.

  • Ellis says:


    How do you wright with only two fingers?Please reply!

  • Bertie says:

    Hi Eliza

    That is a very good idea !

  • Eliza says:

    You should totally do a story where Katie wishes to be popular then her wish works and she never gets left alone and everyone is always taking pictures of her and wearing I love katie shirts and stuff that would be a good story pls do that

  • Bertie says:

    Hi Clare thank you for your freaky Friday idea. I like the title but perhaps too many people are turning into each other, it could be confusing but fun!

  • Clare says:

    Great story Bertie! How about you do a freaky Friday Katie story where Katie turns into Solomon and Solomon turns into Katie and Isis turns into Samantha and Samantha turns into Isis and they all have to go to Katie’s mom to turn back to normal. So, do YOU think my idea counts? Please respond soon. Also, thank you.

  • lily says:

    i really love your stories but sometimes the words i follow it don’t mach the ones on the internet

  • toodles says:

    please write more katie/bertie stories!

  • Bertie says:

    Dear Ingrid and others a very big pondlife story is coming up next week

  • Ingrid says:

    Bertie when is there going to be another pond life story.

  • Anonymous says:

    bertie when is there going to have another pond life story

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    I realy like the pond life story’s but bertie when are you going to have a nother story of it.

  • Ingrid says:

    I love natasha

  • Faye123 says:

    I think I have a good idea for a story… maybe you can have paul come back to school! I am not very creative, but I think I could really love listening. Oh! by the way, I am also from Wales!

  • Bertie says:

    Dear Jenny you will have to listen to the second part – it is on the site here

  • jenny says:

    DWhat wss the 2nd part about i hope it is about when solimin gets into big trouble and katie goes back to school and finds.out that solimin did something to her friends.

  • emmaswelianna says:

    I just finished listening to part 2 .i love it!

  • Bertie says:

    Thanks Emmaswelianna I do hope you enjoy Part 2 as much !

  • emmaswelianna says:

    I love this story VERY much! I can’t wait to listen to part 2 of Katie and the Cat Swap.I love Storynory!:)

  • Isabella says:

    Hi great story.

  • matt says:

    i love this

  • lollipop says:

    Bertie i love this story you make great stories

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    But not that scary but scary thank you :) ;)

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    Dear Bertie,
    I was wondering if you could make a more scarier story because i love scary stories

  • georgie says:

    Dear bertie

    I love this story! Do please make more stories like this! Mabey katie could swap with Paul.

  • scott says:

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    Dear Beautiful Boo – your mum is most welcome to read the story for your class.

  • Beautiful boo says:

    Hi Natasha my mum asked if she could read this story for my class. Can she
    ? Please reply

  • kayti says:

    ok i woul like to tell you it sounds alot like me and if i had a cat, would be exactly the same,ok without the the magical powers, but i liked the story.

  • Bertie says:

    Daer Natashas#1fan we are going to try and do more Katie and Bertie stories – because of the popular demand – but we also have to be careful to keep the standard up… better to have a fewer good ones than lots of not so good ones.

  • Jireh says:

    This is just like, the awesomest, most super Katie story ever. Thanks storynory! I really enjoyed the last Katie story,”Katie and the Curse of Macbeth” Thank you, storynory. Please keep on making Katie stories, i love them!

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  • nollaig says:

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    Bertie my name has a capital E no a small e

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    Waiting for part two.
    Katie stories are theeeeeeeeee

  • Nisha says:

    Hi Bertie,
    Waiting for part two. Katie stories are theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee best stories in the world. Can you publish part two soon?
    Your best friend,

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    - helps Me sleep

    - Lets Me dream

    Let Me know when part two is out ?????

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    -the voice is amasing
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    Dear Natasha and Bertie can you consider having a look at Alice through the looking glass part 4 for it hasn’t come out for almost 2 years now. Apologize for the Disturbment.

    Sincerely Lola

  • Bertie says:

    James I am really glad you liked Pinocchio. I felt that Natasha’s reading was on tip top form and the illustrations were very hugh class too

  • Bertie says:

    Dear Camille do so much hope you enjoy part 2. Next time we do a big novel in chapters we will do it along side the weekly stories so you can pick and choose. Obviously I am pleased you like my own writing though ! I am also very fond of the world stories.

  • nicholas says:

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  • whisper says:

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  • Beatrix says:

    I like the way Katie always gets into trouble!
    She shouldn’t have trusted Solomon!
    Thanks Natasha and Bertie for this intriguing story:-)

  • Bertie says:

    Hi Nathan the first Katie story does not really fit with the others.

  • macy says:

    I cant wate for the new one.

  • nathan says:

    hi bertie i just noticet that in one of the story u said that katie had a little brother. and i put a comment on the story katie and the bad bug i think thats what was but it is a katie story

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    Dear Beautiful Boo we record in London but I am sorry we use our own readers.

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    Dear Jakob T. Taylor … “Out damned spot” is straight from Shakespeare. It is such a famous line that I think any educated person should know it. It is surely discussed in schools. It is of course Lady MacBeth who is damned, in a literal sense, for her crime.

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  • Bertie says:

    Dear Katherine, that is a good observation. He is a bit of a strange cat. Yes, I should have said that he painted them Green. I did think of this too, but only after we had recorded it and was going through the audio.

  • katherine says:

    and isnt Solemin a boy ? how come he likes to paint his nails pink ?

  • Bertie says:

    Dear all part 2 is recorded and will be out this weekend. Glad you like the story!

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  • Barbie says:

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    Best regards,
    storynory fan,

  • Bertie says:

    Dear Good Don’t worry, you aren’t at all mean, you are good ! Thank you for your comments which are useful. We will try and give you a few shorter stories. It’s important to have a mix of lengths.

  • Neythra says:

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  • jack says:

    Great story bertie. can you plesase reply to this question. will the next story be about solemon getting into trouble and other adventurous bits

  • Bertie says:

    Dear Anon great suggestions. We have already written and recorded part two. It s
    Is a little bit how you describe but with some twists and lots of drama.

  • Anonymous says:

    For the second part please can it be Solemin gets into big trouble at school and with Katie’s friends and Katie tells him to turn her back but Solemin claims he is a better Katie and Katie is so fed up she asks her mom to turn her back?

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