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Chap 6, The Christmas Beauty


Princess Talia has no home to go to at Christmas. Her college friend Sally invites her to her house in Liverpool, where Talia’s strange behaviour does not entirely win favour with her family.

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Chap 1, Waking Beauty

Waking Beauty 1 thumb

An update to a very old fairy tale begins a new series about a princess who wakes up as an Oxford student.

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Chap 2, The Unpopular Beauty

Waking Beauty 2 Thumb

Princess Talia has woken up somewhat confused. She is a student at an ancient college – but she’s not quite sure how she got there. In this episode we will find out how she fits in to her new surroundings.

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Chap 3, The Polite Princess

Waking Beauty Chapter 3

Princess Talia is a college student who does not seem to fit in. Her friend Sally encourages her to watch a football match, and Talia decides that her fellow students could be more polite.

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Chap 4, The Princess Who Had a Heart

Talia and Sally Thumb

Awaking Beauty Part 4 sees Princess Talia in a new light when her fellow student Sally receives some bad news.

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Chap 5, The Timeless Beauty


Our Awaking Beauty, Princess Talia, goes out for the first time with her fellow students, and and at least one of them discovers what it must feel like to slip through time.

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Chap 7, The Singing Beauty

Talia Sings Thumb

The mysterious Princess Talia is at a party where she must perform “forfeits” including singing a karaoke song. She does not realise that it is all a plot by her friends to “lighten her up”

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Chap 8, The Philosophical Beauty

Princess Talia amazes Basil by letting him listen to a conversation with one of the greatest geniuses who ever lived.

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Chap 9, The Beauty Under Arrest

Princess Talia is in her deepest trouble yet…

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Chap 10, The Beauty and the Tower

Princess Talia upsets the Rector of the Westerly College Oxford.

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