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Storynory in iTunes

Storynory doing well in iTunes

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Site Revamp June 2010

Regular visitors will have noticed that we’ve revamped the site.

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Richard Scott

Our story-teller, RICHARD SCOTT graduated from the University of Cambridge with Classics and Archaeology before training at the Central School of Speech and Drama for the MA in Classical Acting.

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Easter 2010 Writing Competition

Winners of our writing competition, along with as many stories and extracts from contestants as we could manage to squeeze in.

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Storynory Downloads for February 2010

A round up of our downloads and stats for February 2010

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Storynory iPhone App

We’ve started adding bonus content to the Storynory iPhone app.

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Storynory Writing Competition

Fancy yourself as an author? Here’s your chance to win a Sweetpea3 player and hear your story right here on Storynory. And even if you don’t win, we plan to publish the texts of all entries that we deem fit to publish.

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Downloads for January 2010

Our listeners downloaded just over 391,000 mp3 files from our server in the first month of 2010. It’s a small increase on December, which is good, because Christmas is always a big time for a children’s site. Almost half our downloads are in the United States. You might be surprised to know that South Korea, […]

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iTunes Feedback

The feedback and the emails we receive keep us going on Storynory. Here are a couple of recent comments from our US iTunes page. Thank you everyone who takes the trouble to write. We have been subscribers for two years now to Storynory. My children (now 8 and 6) could not imagine life without it… […]

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Only Hear our Audible Ads in N. America

With any luck, and a bit of magic, you should only be able to hear our latest Audible Ads if you are downloading our MP3 files in the USA or Canada (starting with Tyger Tyger Burning Bright). And even if you live in North America, the ads should automatically be removed after about six weeks or so.

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