Storynory Writing Competition

Fancy yourself as an author? Here's your chance to win a Sweetpea3 player and hear your story right here on Storynory. And even if you don't win, we plan to publish the texts of all entries that we deem fit to publish.

Our thanks to Sweetpea3 for sponsoring the competition. Check out their MP3 player which is made especially with kids in mind.

Here are the rules:

  1. Send us your story by 21 March 2010 to [email protected]
  2. Tell us your date of birth
  3. The story must be entirely your own work
  4. The story must be suitable for children
  5. You can be any age to enter - but to win a prize you must be thirteen years old or younger.
  6. We aim to publish the TEXTS of All entries by EVERYONE of ANY age who enters - but will only do so if we deem them suitable for Storynory.
  7. By entering this competition, you are giving us permission to publish your story.
  8. The writers of the two stories that we judge to be best will win a Sweetpea3 MP3 player dispatched by Sweetpea3.
  9. The story that we judge best will be read, recorded and published as AUDIO and TEXT on the Storynory website and podcast.
  10. The story should not be longer than 1700 words.
  11. Our decision is final, but of course our judgment is subjective, and you must promise us that if you don't win, you won't be put off writing, because life is inevitably just a little bit unfair, and besides, writers have to be tough because there's an awful lot of rejection and criticism to get used to.