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Chap 2, The Unpopular Beauty

Waking Beauty 2 Thumb

Princess Talia has woken up somewhat confused. She is a student at an ancient college - but she’s not quite sure how she got there. In this episode we will find out how she fits in to her new surroundings. Read More

The Firefly Princess

The Fire-Fly princess has many suitors. She tells them all that she will marry the one who can bring her a flame. A glittering story from Japan. Read More


A "vintage" reading by Natasha of Noah's Ark which we recorded in 2007 but have not previously released. Read More

Astropup and the Ship of Birds

Astropup and the Parrot Major have flown into a giant spaceship shaped like a bird (see Astropup for Freedom). Now they explore the wonderful flying Ship of Birds. Astropup longs for home, but the Parrot wants to stay. Read More


The ancient Greek story of Orpheus the musician, who traveled down to The Underworld to try and bring his bride back from the dead. Told in Bertie's verse. Tragic and sad . Read More

Astropup for Freedom

Astropup is back on the launchpad, but when the parrot takes matters into his own beak, the mission goes horribly wrong. Read More