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The Cat that Walked by Himself

Kipling's story, set when people still lived in caves: a clever woman makes a bargain with a clever cat - who will win out? Why cats are so independent and drink bowls of milk, while other animals earn their place by the fire. Read More

When the Sun Hid in Her Cave


An legend from Japan about how the world was plunged into darkness when the Sun goddess sulked. The other gods gathered to remedy the situation, and invented fun and music. Read More

Bertie and the General


Prince Bertie learns some history from an old war veteran, and he proves that even if he sometimes can be a bit spoilt and rude, deep down he has a very good heart. Read More

The Desolate Island


A slave asks for his freedom and then sets out on an adventure. This parable from the Middle East has a mysterious and spiritual tone, and is also rather intriguing. Read More

Dido and Aeneas


The Roman legend that packs plenty of adventure and tragic love is acted by Natasha Gostwick and Richard Scott. Read More

Chap 3, The Polite Princess

Waking Beauty Chapter 3

Princess Talia is a college student who does not seem to fit in. Her friend Sally encourages to watch a football match, and Talia decides that her fellow students could be more polite. Read More