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Katie’s Halloween Aunt

A witchy Halloween story about Katie, whose Great Aunt Chloe comes to stay for Halloween. Chloe loves to do traditional magical things like flying around on a broom stick. Katie finds it just too embarrassing . Read More

Chap 10, Wizard of Oz

Dorothy and her friends arrive at the Emerald City - so brilliant that they have to put on green spectacles before they enter. Read More

The Red-Headed League

Sherlock Holmes investigates the mysterious league that pays good money to men with red hair to copy out the encyclopaedia. What are they up to? Could there be a criminal plot behind its apparently charitable aims? Read More

Emelye’s Tale, Part 3

The final part of Emelye's tale. Is there any room for true love - or for chivalry - in the knight's bitter rivalry over the princess Emelye. And will she have any say in the matter of who marries her? Read More

Emelye’s Tale, Part 2

Princess Emelye does not yet realise that she is the cause of a hugh falling out between two imprisoned knights. She has never met either of them, and both have fallen madly in love with her. Read More