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Katie’s Black Friday

A fortune telling craze is spreading through school. Katie warns her friends that predicting the future can be dangerous, and is proved right in this story that is just a little more SPOOKY than usual. Read More

The Golem of Prague

A Jewish Story for Halloween - not unrelated to Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. The Rabbi of Prague made a bogey-man or "golem" which rebelled against him. Read More

The White Seal Part Two

The second and final part of Kipling's story from the Jungle Book. The White Seal has gone in search of the Sea Cow who can tell him of a land never visited by humans. Read More

The White Seal Part One

A white seal his horrified to learn that seals are hunted and killed by humans for their skins. He is determined to find a place where seals can live without fear of being hunted. Read More

Eat You With by SunCrush

A song by SunCrush that features a clip of Natasha's voice from Little Red Riding Hood. SunCrush are a super band based in Seattle. This song comes from their album, seven. Read More

Chap 7, The Singing Beauty

Talia Sings Thumb

The mysterious Princess Talia is at a party where she must perform "forfeits" including singing a karaoke song. She does not realise that it is all a plot by her friends to "lighten her up" Read More

The First Strawberries

A legend of the Cherokee Indians. The first man and the first woman quarrel, and the sun reunites them with a very special gift. Read More