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The Wild Man

A wild man of the woods is kept prisoner in a cage in the courtyard of the castle. A boy takes pity on the curious captive, and sets him free - only to meet him again later. Read More

Chap 6, The Christmas Beauty


Princess Talia has no home to go to at Christmas. Her college friend Sally invites her to her house in Liverpool, where Talia's strange behaviour does not entirely win favour with her family. Read More


A Japanese fairy tale about a kind-hearted fisher boy who catches a turtle and lets it go free. Read More

The Leap Frog

Hans Christian Andersen's short but perfect tale about three animals that have pretentions to marry a princess and 'leap" above their stations in life. Read More

Chap 5, The Timeless Beauty


Our Awaking Beauty, Princess Talia, goes out for the first time with her fellow students, and and at least one of them discovers what it must feel like to slip through time. Read More

The Cat that Walked by Himself

Kipling's story, set when people still lived in caves: a clever woman makes a bargain with a clever cat - who will win out? Why cats are so independent and drink bowls of milk, while other animals earn their place by the fire. Read More

When the Sun Hid in Her Cave


An legend from Japan about how the world was plunged into darkness when the Sun goddess sulked. The other gods gathered to remedy the situation, and invented fun and music. Read More