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FriendsFriendship By Nisha D’souza, Age 10, from India.

This is a story written by You for our Year of the Goat competition. It’s called 'Friendships' and it’s by Nisha from India.

Ruby, the main character in the story shares one of the characteristics that Chinese tradition associates with goats - she’s artistic.

Story by Nisha.

Read by Natasha.

Proofread by Jana Elizabeth.


Jahnna, Lacy, and Ruby lived on Kat Island in Kat Kingdom. The three of them were of the same age, and they were always together. They were the best of friends at Katmont school. They loved to dress up. On this perfectly fine day, the three of them were at Lacy’s house. They were in her bedroom talking about school.

They had lots of friends, but they had enemies, too. Taphy and Joan were two of them. The were always playing mean tricks on the three girls.

“I wonder what Taffy and Joan are going to do next?” said Jahnna.

“All this hatred,” Lacy said. “This is not good. “You know, sometimes I wish there weren’t such qualities as anger and hatred and spite in the world.”

“But we can’t do anything now,” said Jahnna.

“Mm-hmm-hmm. Yes, we can! We can! Oh, my gosh!” Ruby exclaimed.
“How?” the other two said.

“Just watch me tomorrow at school,” she replied. “Do what I do. If you think I’m doing anything wrong, you can always tell me.”

The others nodded. They didn’t have a clue about what Ruby was talking about. But Ruby was going to do something, she promised herself so.

Taffy and Joan spotted the threesome going to their special spot by the fence of the school the next day. They immediately began whispering and snickering.

The three paid absolutely no attention to what was going on. Ruby had told them not to.

“After all, what they want is attention,” she said. “They like to see us get angry. When they see us angry, they just decide to do something else.”

In the lunch room, the threesome sat together, as always. Lacy opened her lunch box.

“Yuck,” she said. “Gross. Totally gross. There’s – wait, I know what it is! It’s a cheese sandwich, all right, but the gross stuff I see is something those two put into my lunch box.”

“Don’t retaliate,” said Jahnna.

To the surprise of Joan and Taffy, Lacy didn’t say anything to anyone about the thing, which was actually a dead mouse. She just dumped the sandwich in the bin. Ruby and Jahnna gave her a little of their lunch.

Lacy didn’t even say anything sarcastic to the two like:  “Thanks for that. It was really great,"  which surprised them even more.

Ruby loved writing. She hadn’t told anyone about her composition yet. At show and share, she said: “I would like to read my composition which I wrote yesterday.”

Her composition was about anger, hatred, and all the other bad qualities in the world. When she finished reading it, there was a big round of applause. Ruby could tell that everyone liked her composition a lot.

And the best was still to come! At the end of the day, Taffy and Joan came up to the threesome and said: “We’re sorry, we really are, for all the things we did.”

“Really?” said Lacy.

“We swear. Please accept our apology.”

“We can’t just except it like that,” said Jahnna. “We have to watch you for a while. What if you are tricking us?”

The others agreed.

But it wasn’t long before the threesome learned that they were really telling the truth, that they were really and truly sorry. And so, they became friends.

They gradually became best friends, and here they are now, in Taffy’s room.
“Remember when we were enemies?” Lacy says.

“But now we’re friends,” says Joan, and they all hugged.

Ah, isn’t that a lovely story about how enemies can become friends by Nisha. Nisha who lives in India, is a regular on Storynory leaving us her thoughts in the comment box. Nisha is actually blind - like quite few of our listeners, because audio really is very good for people who have difficulty seeing.

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