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Once Upon a World

Storynory is publishing Bible Stories for Kids read by the late John Le Mesurier. In keeping with his personality they are gentle and witty, as well as profound.

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The Creation and Adam and Eve

John Le Mesurier reads The Creation and Adam and Eve from the Book of Genesis in the Old Testamant – an charming audio Bible story for Children.

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Noah’s Ark

Noah's Ark for Storynory

Noah’s Ark – the animals saved from the flood two by two.

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Water? No it’s Wine! A Miracle

Podcast. Jesus proves himself to be the perfect guest when the wine runs out at a wedding in Cana, and produces his first miracle. Read by John Le Mesurier.

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The Ten Commandments

At the top of the mountain, God told Moses ten things to remember. They were the ten things that make a good or bad person. They were called The Ten Commandments. This bible story is read in the beautiful tones of the late John Le Mesurier.

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The First Christmas

John Le Mesurier tells how Mary gave birth to the baby Jesus in a stable in the time of King Herod. The nativity is undoubtedly THE Christmas story. The Shepherds and the Three Wise Men put in appearences.

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Joseph and his Coat of Many Colours

Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers who are envious of his beautiful coat, a gift from their father. He finds himself in Egypt where his fortunes are soon on the rise.

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Samson and Delilah

The epic and tragic story of the man who combines the strength of a lion with the sweetness of honey. And of course of Delilah who is his downfall.

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A “vintage” reading by Natasha of Noah’s Ark which we recorded in 2007 but have not previously released.

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Jonah and the Big Fish

jonah dives thumb

Sometimes called Jonah and the Whale, the story of how a prophet ran away from God, took a sea journey, and ended up inside a Big Fish.

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