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The Princess and the Pea

This little gem of a story by Hans Christian Andersen reveals the ultimate test to find out whether or not a girl is a true princess. Free audio.

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The Flying Trunk

This wonderful fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen has an oriental setting and overtones of the Arabian Nights. A Free Audio Story from Storynory

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The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Steadfast Tin Soldier by Andersen

This touching story by Hans Christian Andersen relates how a brave tin soldier keeps a stiff upper lip and remains steadfast throughout all his troubles. He is treated unfairly but never complains, and always remains true to the toy ballerina with whom he has fallen in love.

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The Little Match Girl Video

A charming animation of the story of the Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s beautiful but rather said (From YouTube).

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The Tinderbox

A solider finds a magic tinderbox. When he rubs it, three enormous dogs appear and do any task he requests. Soon he is rich and in love with a princess. This is the first story published by Hans Christian Andersen, and it has much in common with Aladdin.

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The Snow Queen Part 1

A masterpiece by Hans Christian Andersen, full of the strange beauty of ice-cold winter, and the warmth of true love. Kay is kidnapped by the Snow Queen. His childhood sweetheart, Gerda, goes in search of him, and travels across a magical landscape to the frozen North.

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The Snow Queen Part 2

Gerda searches for Kay who has been kidnapped by the beautiful Snow Queen. Her journey brings her to a witch with a lovely garden where it is always warm summer. Gerda forgets about Kay until she notices that just one flower is missing from the garden.

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The Snow Queen Part 3

The final part is the most magical yet, taking us across the frozen landscapes of Finland and Lapland under the dazzling Northern Lights – to the palace of the Snow Queen.

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The Swineherd

A princess is spoiled and unable to appreciate the gifts of natural beauty that her prince sends her. And then she sees a clever little toy that she really, really wants. It belongs to the keeper of the Emperor’s pigs – the Imperial Swineherd.

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The Ugly Duckling

This is the classic story of somebody who is a “bit different”.

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