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The Pooka in the Kitchen

Pooka in the Kitchen

The servants in a large Irish House are grateful to a Pooka who comes every night to do their work for them. At Christmas, they decide to reward him.

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Katie and the Christmas Chimney

Katie and the Christmas Chimney

A Katie story set at Christmas. Katie and her best friend Isis plan a Christmas surprise for Samantha – which goes badly wrong.

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Christmas Carol: Joy to the World

Joy to the World at Christmas

Clap your hands to this upbeat Christmas carol from Storynory’s pop sensation, the one and only Gladys!

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Christmas in Space

space christmas

The “Wicked Uncle” Jeff arranges for his relatives to spend Christmas in space. His generosity gives an ordinary family from London a chance to feel the marvel of creation and life at Christmas time.

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The Wind in the Willows Christmas Chapter

Wind Willows

Chapter 5 of the Wind in the Willows by kenneth Grahame in which Ratty and Mole visit Moles underground home for Christmas and are entertained by field mice singing a carol.

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A Christmas Nutcracker

Nut Cracker

A magical Christmas story with music by Tchaikovsky about the girl’s love of a toy that was both ugly and broken – but who turned out to be a true hero.

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The ‘Cat’ who scared the Christmas Trolls

Christmas Bear

A Christmas story from Norway about a bear that some trouble-making trolls mistake for a cat.

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Swan Lake

Swan Lake by Sophie Green

A magical and Musical story includes a specially recorded song

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The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

The Blue Carbuncle

A Christmas mystery for Sherlock Holmes arrives in the shape of a goose.

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The Angel Gabriel’s Message : Christmas Carol

The Angel Gabriel

A Christmas carol sung for Storynory by Gabriella. this lovely tune from the Basque Country will haunt you ! The angel Gabriel from heaven came, With wings as drifted snow, with eyes as flame: “All hail to thee, O lowly maiden Mary, Most highly favored lady.” Gloria!

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