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Marlow’s Metamorphosis

Marlow Dog Man

Astropup’s friend Marlow undergoes a strange transformation in the second part of our dog-master adventure.

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The Boy Who Spoke to the Birds

A story from Russia about a boy who who could speak to the birds and who proved homself to be an excellent son.

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Bertie and Beatrice’s Dreams

If only I was ordinary - Princess Beatrice

Prince Bertie and Princess Beatrice have very different dreams leading to trouble in the palace.

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Astropup and the Dog Master

Buddy a dog person

Who is the strange character who looks a little like a human, but who has the smell of a dog? Astropup reveals all.

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The Two Frogs and the Well

Two frogs and the well

A tale by Aesop with a story, a poem, and a song. The moral is “Look before you leap!”

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Astropup and the Big Match in the Sky

Big Match in the Sky

Astropup and his friends go to a football match in space

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Why Cats and Dogs are Enemies

Chinese Cat Dog

A story from China that explains why cats hate dogs. Told by a mouse.

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Sleeping Beauty Shorter Version

Sleeping Beauty by Storynory

A romantic fairytale in a shorter form than our previous version.

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The Grasshopper and the Ants


A grasshopper loves to play music while the ants work, work, work

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Katie and the Perfect Baby Sitter

Bad boy

Katie and her best friend Isis set up a perfect baby sitting business.

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