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Katie and the Magic Shop

Katie’s mum always wanted to open a magic shop. When she achieved her ambition, other shop keepers started to spread nasty rumours about her being a bad witch…..

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Don’t Be Scared of Halloween

A Halloween Song about Katie the Witch who is scared of Halloween.

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Katie’s Halloween Aunt

A witchy Halloween story about Katie, whose Great Aunt Chloe comes to stay for Halloween. Chloe loves to do traditional magical things like flying around on a broom stick. Katie finds it just too embarrassing .

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Katie and the Big Cat

Katie and her best friend Isis go pony trekking on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall in the west of England

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Katie and the Witch’s Swap (Free)

Katie and her best friend Isis decide to swap their lives for the day.

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Katie and the Giants

Katie’s mum, who knows lots of wonderful stories, tells her about the Giants and the Gods to explain something important about life.

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Katie and the Magician of Morocco

Katie and her mother visit Marrakech in Morocco to buy a magic carpet. They explore the souk and the medina in search of special shops. When they visit a secret village in the Atlas Mountains they find themselves in trouble. A longer Katie story.

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Katie and Mr. New

Katie’s mother is being very secretive about something, and when

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Katie and Mr New Part Two

Does Shumash really mind that Katie’s mum is a witch ? The second part of this magical romantic story, gives us the answer.

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Don’t Be Scared of Halloween NEW VERSION

Halloween Night

A new version of Katie’s halloween song

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