Katie, The Ordinary Witch : Page 2

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Katie and the Magic Chocolate

Magic Love Chocolate

Katie is growing up. She feels she is too old for an Easter Egg hunt. She is delighted when, over the holidays, Paul invites her to the cinema. She has some magic chocolate for him - but it does not work quite as expected. Read More

Katie and the remote for life

Remote for Life

Katie puts a magic spell on the TV Remote so that she can pause and rewind real life. When she takes it to school it proves to be a useful but risky devise. Read More

Katie and the Magician of Morocco

Katie and her mother visit Marrakech in Morocco to buy a magic carpet. They explore the souk and the medina in search of special shops. When they visit a secret village in the Atlas Mountains they find themselves in trouble. A longer Katie story. Read More

Katie and the Giants

Katie's mum, who knows lots of wonderful stories, tells her about the Giants and the Gods to explain something important about life. Read More

Katie’s Halloween Aunt

A witchy Halloween story about Katie, whose Great Aunt Chloe comes to stay for Halloween. Chloe loves to do traditional magical things like flying around on a broom stick. Katie finds it just too embarrassing . Read More