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Katie, The Ordinary Witch : Page 2

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Katie Moves House

Moving House

A Father's Day visit to a football match, all because of a house move. This is a special story for everyone who has been wondering about Katie's dad. Katie goes to see him, even though her mother does not really want her to. Read More

Katie’s TV Magic

TV Magic-thumb

A TV programme offers to redecorate the house of Katie and her mum for free. Shumash - the estate agent whom Katie's mum likes is involved. What could possibly be wrong with that? Read More

Katie and the Cat Swap: Part 2

Katie School

Katie is stuck inside the form of her cat, Solomon. She goes to school and is shocked by all the trouble Solomon is causing inside her identity. She also overhears a plot to besmirch her best friend Isis. Read More

Katie and the Witch’s Trial

dunk thumb

All sorts of horrid rumours are flying round the school about Katie. They say she was responsible for the not-very-nice thing that happened to the new school swimming pool. It is almost like a witch hunt. Read More

Katie and the Bad Bug

Katie and the Bad Bug

A nasty tummy bug is going around the school. When Katie falls ill, she has words with a virus and gives it a piece of her mind. Read More

Katie and the Magic Chocolate

Magic Love Chocolate

Katie is growing up. She feels she is too old for an Easter Egg hunt. She is delighted when, over the holidays, Paul invites her to the cinema. She has some magic chocolate for him - but it does not work quite as expected. Read More