Questions for the Boy Who Cried Wolf

Listen to the Aesop story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf. It's about six minutes long, and you can read along with the text. Then answer the following questions:

Comprehension Questions

1) This story is told in the "first person" - what does that mean?

2) Why are the villagers angry with the boy?

3) How does the boy improve his trick when he does it a second time?

4) Why do the villagers not believe the boy the third time he "cries wolf"?

5) What do you suppose the phrase, "cry wolf" means in general English?

Grammar and Vocabulary

1) "It was boring work X a lad"

What is the missing word?

a) for
b) to
c) if
d) at
e) in

2) "I must keep my eyes X for the wolf"

What is the missing word?

a) folded
b) peeled
c) shorn
d) torn
e) opened

3) What is another word for "unmolested"?

a) unseen
b) unheard
c) unharmed
d) unalarmed
e) unfeeling

4) "I put on an even X act."

What is the missing word ?

a) improved
b) more good
c) best
d) better
e) gooder

5) What does a blacksmith do?

a) Make shoes
b) Sell fish
3) Sell meat
4) Work with iron
5) Make bread


Write a short story about somebody who told a lie. The person could be a child, a parent, a politician, somebody at work, or anyone you like.

Write a short story in which something happens three times, each time slightly differently. For example it could be about three warnings, three accidents, three jokes, three birthdays, or three misunderstandings.