Questions for The First Strawberries

Listen to the The First Strawberries which is about five minutes long. Answer the following questions.

Comprehension Questions

1) What kind of world do the man and woman live in?

2) How does the man feel when the woman leaves him?

3) What part does the sun play in this story?

4) What does the woman feel when she tastes the strawberries?

Vocabulary and Grammar

1) "They lived as happily X any man and woman have ever lived together until they began to quarrel."

What is the missing word?

a) like
b) with
c) as
d) to

2) "She walked and walked, always X straight ahead of her, and not once turning back."

What is the missing word?

a) looked
b) look
c) looks
d) looking

3) "It saw that there was sadness on the face of an otherwise pristine and perfect world."

What is another word for "pristine" ?

a) Shining
b) untarnished
c) wonderful
d) beautiful

4) "And the sun took pity X the first man and decided to help him."

What is the missing word?

a) to
b) at
c) on
d) with

5 "His gentle rays touched the ground along the woman’s path, and a huckleberry bush sprang up. X fruit was shiny and enticing."

What is the missing word?

a) its
b) it's
c) its'
d) it


Write a short creation myth, such as the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, in your own words.

Write about an argument between a boy and a girl, or a man and a woman, or even between the sun and the moon, and mention some of the silly things that they say to each other. Use speech marks (inverted commas like this " "). Try to make it funny.