Rockford Chapter 5: The Arches and the Mantis

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arches and mantisRockford is ‘checked in’ to the Island of Infinity by a guitar-riffing insect called ‘The Registrar’. And once he’s checked in, apparently, that’s it!

Created by Sweetapple. Written by Steve Punt. Listen to other chapters. Visit Rockford’s home.

Words and Music © Sweetapple 2009.

I am The Registrar

I am the one who
All creatures must come to
I like things to run efficiently
No use pretending
There’s no happy ending
I don’t understand what they mean
When they say..

“Oh deary me
I think we’ve come a little too far!
Won’t you set us free?”
Coz I am the registrar

I have a job to do
So please don’t ask me to
Make an exception for you
If you are here
then it’s perfectly clear
What the next thing
is I have to do
so don’t say…


So goodbye to dogs
Who have popped off their clogs
And from now will not be anymore!
Don’t look surprised
You’re to be fossilized!
There are plenty it’s happened to before.

And they all say: