Rockford Chapter 4: Welcome to Infinity

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Moa BirdRockford and Ick arrive on a colourful Island where they are welcomed by a large flightless Moa bird called Patrick.

Created by Sweetapple. Written by Steve Punt. Listen to other chapters. Visit Rockford's home.

Words and Music © Sweetapple 2009.

Lost on Infinity

Well hi!
How do you do?
So glad you've come to stay!
We're here to welcome you
We are the castaways!

We're lost on Infinity
In the Sea of Tranquility
It's all up for you
and me now!
Coz we are celebrities
In lands of eternity
Three cheers for us all!
We don't get sad at all!
Lost on Infinity's Swirl!

Come on!
There's lots to do
And the time to dwell
Goodbye to all you knew
You've kissed the world farewell